Sustainable Operations

Our guiding vision is for a decarbonised future through recycling plastic waste and sustainable energy production, meeting tough carbon targets by 2030.

We have a mission to take waste plastic and recycle it into reusable high-grade material. Any waste gets converted into low-carbon synthetic fuel and gas, which will then be used to power PWGP energy generation units - reducing the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Waste Hierarchy compliant

Where waste management solutions are primarily focussed on the disposal (landfill) and recovery stages of the Waste Hierarchy.

PGP prioritises mechanical and chemical recycling for maximum added value. Our automatic advanced sorting process allows us to separate plastics to grade premium reusable material.


Efficient waste recycling

With our expert partners and funders, we will create a series of full mechanical waste sorting plants. These plants will be able to sort the waste into different grades to make fuels and chemicals.

This will provide a consistent supply of quality-controlled feedstock. These feedstocks are then used for the production of low-carbon gas that can be used to generate electricity on site or compressed for storage and/or further distribution.

Green Energy Production

Fuel derived from the PGP process will be transported to strategic sites and use to power on site facilities and business under a PPA agreement. This will reduce or even eradicate our reliance on grid natural gas connections.

PWGP generation units can be located on larger sites catering for existing industrial power demands. When combined with battery energy technology they will be able to store up cheap green power. That allows those energy-intensive companies to secure a supply of greener electricity.


Developing the infrastructure to drive toward a low carbon future

Our focus is on synthetic fuel production, through our unique phased approach with 2 distinct asset developments we are able to produce a high purity of hybrid LPG from plastic. This already has incredible environmental savings. Especially when compared to high demand alternatives such as coal and oil.

Many technologies need elements of the peaking plant’s infrastructure to operate. This creates huge advantages for all companies involved in strategic co-location planning.

Built on collaboration

Working with technology partners, we are focussed on developing projects that are mutually beneficial. These collaborations will improve the net environmental impact of each project.

We work together to address localised waste issues while reducing reliance on fossil fuels and grid access.


UK Balancing Mechanism Market Value


Growth in Balancing Generation 2015 to 2040


UK Energy From Renewables (Q3 2019)


UK Plastics Incinerated
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Sean Lindgren
Founder and CEO

With over 20 years corporate experience in the utilities industry, Sean has been involved in the design and project management of a number of gas peaking projects and large solar arrays within the renewable energy and power generation sector.

Over the last 18 months, Sean has been instrumental in developing teams for designing gas peaking power plants. At financial close, they will be sold to investment exit partners for construction and future trading of the electricity generated.


Nicholas Dimmock
350PPM Investment

Nicholas Dimmock has 13 years’ environmental project development experience. He founded 350 PPM Ltd, the environmental private equity house in 2015, with Tim Hyett (FCISI).

Responsible for a pipeline of over eight utility- scale environmental projects across Chile and Mexico. Nicholas was involved in the creation of ongoing emission reductions for over 9 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum.

Mark Christensen
Chief Technical Officer

Mark Christensen has over 20 years’ experience in complex technical project development, specialising in biogas, biomass, refined fuel production and advanced mechanical recycling.

He has led consortia bids for the PFI era of waste contracts, tech co fund raising and business case development having worked for multinational engineering companies.

He has been an Expert Witness on EfW schemes and more recently on commercialisation opportunities for bio-chemicals production from biorefinery scale up.


Martijn Beerthuizen
Technical Advisor

Martin has 10 years’ experience developing commercially viable technologies for fuel and emission reduction. He lectures at Kharkiv state University for heat engineering.

He assists companies, industry, NGO’s and government with implementing solutions for renewable energy objectives with global experience competing in tender programs.

Patrick Agese
Energy Markets Advisor

Patrick has 8 years’ experience in clean energy. He has been involved in developing over 15 MW of green energy generation plants such as energy from waste, renewables, and energy storage.

Patrick is a contributing member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). With a 1st class degree in green energy technology, currently completing a PhD in energy engineering.


John Crosland
PR & Communications

John has 15 years’ experience in global B2B tech development and deployment with award-winning expertise in developing high-performance digital communications teams.

He has international experience in PR and communications for major technology brands, holding deep, cross-sector understanding of how to drive conversation among targeted audiences.

Jake Baugh
Marketing & Investment Strategy

Jake started his career developing full scale solutions for Rolls Royce, spoke at the World Didac conference in Hong Kong for the Bloodhound SSC and led a project for Bristols Green Capital Digital around waste recycling.

He has built and launched online platforms and sales funnels for highly successful entreprenuers and musicians. Now looking to turn his hand toward adapting experience to support automation of PGP's commercial investment strategy.


Stephen Burnett
Financial Advisor

Stephen has over 30 years of wide-ranging practical experience as a project manager and financial analyst in the development of renewable energy and other environmental infrastructure.

Specialises in investment due diligence as well as the creation and management of financial models. Recently supporting some of the UK’s largest environmental companies as lead financial modeller in their bids for PFI/PPP contracts and with re-negotiations post-award.

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