Investment Proposal

Business Overview

  • PGP are developing low carbon solutions for automated plastic waste recycling and energy generation to support renewables uptake. This system can be utilised wherever waste plastic is currently incinerated or disposed and sells to a high profit margin market, targeting net-zero.

  • Challenging market conditions have meant that the shareholders are now looking to identify an investor who can provide financial and strategic support to help the Company navigate through these times and fulfil its growth ambitions.

Key Milestones

Quarter Milestone
Q1 2020 Concept design is established and developed.
Q2 2020 First round of seed capital funding secured (£0.4m).
Q3 2020 Discussions with project finance investors for SPVs.
Q1 2021 Commence final product design stages TR6-8.
Q2 2021 Commence design and build on first project site with fees flow to PGP.

Key Investment Highlights

Continually innovating Developing sustainable facilities for automated plastic recycling and low carbon feedstock/fuel production derived from the recycling process.
Diverse geographical spread Turnkey solution that can be developed wherever plastic waste is currently incinerated or disposed in landfill.
Operates in a dynamic and growing market Environmentally positive in utilising waste plastic to generate low carbon feedstock/fuel.
Perfectly placed to capitalise on industry growth Flexible technologies are required to capitalise on the expected exponential growth of 310% in the energy market over the next 20 years.
Strong profit margins Sustainably generated, highly sought-after fuel derived from waste plastic will be sold at high margin due to future demand from net zero targets.